To the person in my inbox asking if they should sneak meds into their girlfriends food:

No, of course you fucking shouldn’t.

I haven’t had time to update this blog this whole year, but this was necessary. I am praying that you are just a troll.

Your girlfriend, from what you’ve told me, sounds like she is experiencing auditory hallucinations. If you care about her, which it doesn’t sound like you do, you would not force her to take medication without her consent.

Auditory hallucinations are not as uncommon as people assume. There are a number of possible causes but it ultimately boils down to an increase in activity of the thalamic and strietal subcortical nuclei, hypothalamus and paralimbic regions. 

Your girlfriend needs to speak to a professional. I don’t know what country you are from, so I can’t offer any further advice. Here in the UK your GP would be the first point of contact, who would then refer an individual to the appropriate specialist. Reassure her that she won’t be in trouble. She won’t be sectioned or taken away to a ‘loony bin’ like the media often implies. If you can function in her daily life, then she will be able to continue doing so, with the appropriate medical and psychological input.

I don’t know where the fuck you were expecting to get psychiatric medication from to sneak in her food, but it is complete abhorrent that you would even consider it. Like I said, I hope you’re just a troll.

What’s New in 2014?

Hello and happy new year psychology lovers! I’m very happy to announce that for the first time in over a year I have a working laptop, internet connection and a little bit of free team. This means I’ll (finally) be able to update this blog!

I’m going start with a series of blog posts on unusual and rare psychological and neurological disorders and conditions. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular that you’d like me to focus on!

I’m also working on some more psychological facts - but is anyone still interested in these?

Additionally, I’d love to put together a page of some of the best psychology and neuroscience blogs on tumblr - suggestions would be very much appreciated! The same goes for a book list I’m working on.

So please, if there’s anything you would like to suggest or if you want to share your thoughts on anything, leave a comment below!


Brains made of fruit and toothpaste by Kyle Bean.


“boys are just naturally better than girls at-“


“boys and girls are just hard-wired to learn diff-“


“it’s not my opinion it’s science and-“





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